Monday, May 15, 2017

Beekeeper's Cottage YouTube Channel!

We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia are very excited to announce we have a YouTube channel! There you'll find all kinds of fun, fabulous design ideas. 
Check it out! 

Effortless Design! Arrange your favorite petite succulents together with one of our rustic lath wood boxes and a chicken wire lantern. 

Featured materials:

12" reclaimed tobacco barnwood lath box (available in our shop!)
5" square, glass lined, chicken wire lantern (available in our shop!)
4 or 5 succulents
Spanish moss

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Staircase Kickplate Art!

Whether you've a century old or a newly
constructed home, consider this fun, easy
way to personalize your space!

The renovations at Beekeeper's Cottage are
rolling on! Both of our staircases have
kick plates that are adorned with vintage
sheet music and art papers.
This project was completed two years-ago.
We're thrilled to say they've worn very well,
needing only minor repairs, despite heavy
foot traffic.

Here's a step by step "how to" create and maintain gorgeous kickplates!

Step 1: Use a mild solution to throughly clean kickplate surface.

Step 2: Prepare your papers by trimming to desired size. And the best part, CREATE your COLLAGES!! We did one step at a time starting with the bottom kickplate. Our papers for the back staircase are scrapbook papers from Michaels and one of our favorite paper designers, Jim Holtz. The front staircase is vintage sheet music.

Step 3: With a paint brush, generously butter one or two pieces at a time with wallpaper paste. Press pieces into place with a plastic trowel or our favorite, an old credit card! Press hard! Then quickly move the plastic tool back and forth to insure adhesion.

Step 4: Keep going! :-) When you've done all your kickplates, allow to dry 24 hours.

Step 5: Brush on a clear matte sealer. Repeat with one more coat.

Step 6: Take a picture to be featured on our Instagram!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Creating Window Drama!

Whether it be a grand or cozy room, creating window drama is fun!! We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, VA have some wonderful, inexpensive ideas to dress your windows in style! Pictured here is a petite guest bedroom. The curtain rods are made of stair pickets. (Two joined to make one rod.)  Window shades are constructed using vintage-inspired tin from American Tin Ceilings and wood molding from Home Depot. A few 45 degree cuts, wood glue, picture frame metal brackets and presto!!! (To ensure a perfect fit, the back bottom of these frames is routed-out to accommodate window slides.) Covering half the window and adding a single panel curtain allows for both privacy and lovely light. Oh-so dreamy!!

Material Costs:
Reclaimed stair pickets $19 each for a total of $76
Tin panel 24" x 24" $11 each (add your own paint finish) $22
Wood molding $2.89 a foot, 20' for this project = $60
Picture frame brackets $2.29 for 20 pieces (8 per frame)
Help from a husband, friend or neighbor... priceless!!

Note: The curtain panel is from Bella Notte Linens, Linen Whisper Embellished

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Heartfelt Thank You!
John F. Kennedy once said, "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." For us, that time is now! And you are those people! We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia are sending out a heartfelt THANK YOU!! Thank you to all of our fabulous shoppers who visit us making purchases each day!! We're grateful and humbled by the many compliments you impart to us about our design style and paint finishes. It spurs us on! It energizes us to create!! A shout-out of thanks also to those of you who find us on the internet. We thank you for your trust. Exceeding your expectations is our goal! We thank all of you! YOU make our DREAM a REALITY!!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a VERY MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hot Chocolate, Red Wine and Vintage China!

On December 20th, Good Morning America aired a piece about a delightful new take on two classics. Hot chocolate and red wine. Well, we here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia, thought we'd try it out while adding our own fanciful flair!'s not more liquor!! It's vintage china!! Doesn't everything taste a little better when sipped from a treasured china cup and saucer? Whether a family heirloom or auction find, these surviving beauties are a thread linking our past to present..... Hot chocolate to red wine. Here it goes! Cheers!!

What's your favorite hot drink in a vintage china cup?

Note: We used Google as our recipe resource going with the one published in the New York Times by Erin McCann, December 19, 2016. It brought a smile to our faces. (See below)

The basic idea is not new. Most versions follow the same formula as the one posted in 2014 on Imma Eat That, a food blog that has frequently been cited as the recipe has rocked around the internet in the past few years. It’s pretty easy to follow:
1) Make some hot chocolate.
2) Put some red wine in it. 
3) Add whipped cream on top.
5) Drink.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lath Boxes and Table Tops!

It's that time of year once again! Friends and family gather sharing laughter, love and yummy traditional foods around the table. We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia offer a wonderful way to create fabulous table-scapes using lath boxes and hobnail jars.

Our lath, which means thin wood, is reclaimed from tobacco barns and fashioned into various sized boxes from 12" to 32". Standing just 5" tall and 7" wide, they provide the perfect foundation for all kinds of rustic elegance! Here we've added votive candles tucked in hobnail jars with epsom salt bottoms. Then to bring out the season, we've dressed the box with sprigs of holiday greenery. So festive!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Broken China Wall!

It's happened! We've finished the last panel of our "great wall of china". There's such a sense of wonder as we here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, VA stare at the whimsical composition. Filled with shards of dishes, mirror, jewelry, (everything we could think of with a sparkle!!)

 now shimmers as you ascend to the second floor of our cottage. Ooh-la-la!!!

 For the adventurous artist here's a quick summary of how we did it.

Step 1: Find treasures and break into various sizes. A hammer and pliers comes in handy here. :-)
Step 2: If doing a wall, we recommend doing the composition on thin plywood and affixing to wall. No...we didn't do this ourselves. We thought of it     
Step 3: Use a thin set marble mortar as the frosting. Butter a small section of  the wall with a medium-sized putty tool. Then press pieces in creating a random pattern.
Step 4: Continue wall to wall. It's possible to stop and start. To do so, just refresh the edges.