Monday, June 16, 2008

Adirondack Chairs.....

Ok...I have these wonderful Adirondack chairs! I was almost tempted to ditch them. I was on Costco's website and saw two adirondack chairs that were pristine white and made out of recycled materials and would never have to be painted. I was so tempted to replace the ones on my deck with them. Mine were in desperate need of a paint job and I almost took the easy way out. Instead, I went up to home depot and bought an outdoor paint that had the primer built in.....and spruced mine up. I am so glad that I did! They are comfy and after drinking a glass of lemonade and having a wonderful conversation with Lauren about her kickball tournament at school I remembered why I love these chairs so much! They are my outdoor conversation area on my deck. It is so important to create little areas throughout your home that foster good old fashion relaxation and talks! I have shared many a glass of wine, cup of coffee, ect in these chairs with my family and friends. And to think I almost ditched them!

FYI, A solid stain also works great on outdoor furniture.

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