Thursday, May 7, 2009

A vintage Inspired Bathroom Remodel

This week I started to remodel two of my bathrooms. Were they awful to begin with? Not really. They just lacked the architectural details and Vintage feel that our store and design service is known for. They were like so many new homes (and not so new) Builder Bland. Yesterday was gut day! Out went the floor, the toilets, the vanities, sinks and faucets.....It was a very messy day. They also laid the new tile and cut the hole for the new medecine cabinet. I am doing these bathrooms on a tight budget...$3,500 for both including labor and materials. I plan on sharing my progress and giving you all some inspiration for a Vintage Inspired bathroom of your own! When the vanity tops were ripped out, I put them on craigslist for sale and sold the double vanity one with the faucets for $50, my builder bland items were someone else's treasure! I would suggest if you are remodeling to see what might be salvaged and either sell it or donate it to charity.

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