Monday, August 31, 2009

True Friendship!

Nancy and I wish to extend heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Carter-Wharton whose artistic photographs of our shop were used in the October 2009 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine. She's simply a life-saver! Here's what happened.....

Nancy and I found out in April that our shop would be featured in an upcoming issue of Romantic Homes Magazine. Need I say we shouted for joy? We did that and more! We excitedly began staging the Cottage. Pictures were the next logical step.... and yet Nancy and I knew we lacked the expertise to capture the beauty and uniqueness of our shop. We needed help!! My friend Jennifer volunteered. With her quiet confidence and creative flare she calmly snapped fabulous photographs of our Cottage and taught me a thing or two about picture-taking!! Many of those pictures can be seen in the October issue of Romantic Homes Magazine. We are thankful for her time, guidance and talent. A special thanks to Sarah Elkalban who assisted with staging as we prepared each shot:)

Jennifer Carter-Wharton makes her home in the greater metropolitan area of Washington DC. She is an artist and writer who embraces the whimsical things in life. Whether with the lens of a camera or the tip of a pen, she searches for the beauty in all that she sees and feels. Jennifer is currently looking for a literary agent to represent her children's book, "What the Wind Whispered".

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