Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to Force Some Branches!!!!

I don't know about you but my gardens are a mess from all the snow storms this winter! Have you lost branches off of your flowering trees or bushes? Here is a great idea if you can get through the snow drifts to them! Every late winter (Feb - March) I prune a couple of branches off of my flowering trees and do this project with my children. It is so much fun and is a great way to get into the spring mood!

Simply prune some branches, bring them inside and give them a fresh cut, put them in a vase of water and change the water every couple of days, and voila! Spring is Sprung! Alot of other people will tell you to smash the stems with a hammer, soak the branches over night in a bathtub, ect. I have never had the time or energy to take those extra steps and my branches do just fine! They also do not require direct sunlight so indirect light is great! Perfect project for an entrance hall table or any other little nook that could use a touch of spring!

The kids love to add little birds, bird houses and nests....get creative!

Note: If you have a freshly fallen branch and when you cut the stem you see are good to go!

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