Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Downton Abbey Inspires!

Downton Abbey is back with yet another delicious season!! Delightful, delectable, deliriously lovely, Julian Fellows' characters float amidst the grandeur of real-life Highclere castle. Can you tell I'm a huge fan??? I'm inspired by the timeless elegance of the many well-appointed rooms. .... Not that I'm likely to be living in a castle any time soon.. :-) ... and yet, I seek to create rooms that offer a dreamy respite from the often hurly-burly of a busy day. A place that both calms and enlivens.

This gorgeous tufted vintage reproduction bed designed by Eloquence, is a wonderful statement piece from which to build a romantic retreat.  From its hand carved decorative gilded frame to the sumptuous white linen that adorns the head and
 foot board, it is an exceptional bed!  Presently 
served- up in king and queen sizes.... Enjoy!!

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