Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Broken China Wall!

It's happened! We've finished the last panel of our "great wall of china". There's such a sense of wonder as we here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, VA stare at the whimsical composition. Filled with shards of dishes, mirror, jewelry, (everything we could think of with a sparkle!!)

 now shimmers as you ascend to the second floor of our cottage. Ooh-la-la!!!

 For the adventurous artist here's a quick summary of how we did it.

Step 1: Find treasures and break into various sizes. A hammer and pliers comes in handy here. :-)
Step 2: If doing a wall, we recommend doing the composition on thin plywood and affixing to wall. No...we didn't do this ourselves. We thought of it     
Step 3: Use a thin set marble mortar as the frosting. Butter a small section of  the wall with a medium-sized putty tool. Then press pieces in creating a random pattern.
Step 4: Continue wall to wall. It's possible to stop and start. To do so, just refresh the edges.

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