Friday, December 23, 2016

Hot Chocolate, Red Wine and Vintage China!

On December 20th, Good Morning America aired a piece about a delightful new take on two classics. Hot chocolate and red wine. Well, we here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia, thought we'd try it out while adding our own fanciful flair!'s not more liquor!! It's vintage china!! Doesn't everything taste a little better when sipped from a treasured china cup and saucer? Whether a family heirloom or auction find, these surviving beauties are a thread linking our past to present..... Hot chocolate to red wine. Here it goes! Cheers!!

What's your favorite hot drink in a vintage china cup?

Note: We used Google as our recipe resource going with the one published in the New York Times by Erin McCann, December 19, 2016. It brought a smile to our faces. (See below)

The basic idea is not new. Most versions follow the same formula as the one posted in 2014 on Imma Eat That, a food blog that has frequently been cited as the recipe has rocked around the internet in the past few years. It’s pretty easy to follow:
1) Make some hot chocolate.
2) Put some red wine in it. 
3) Add whipped cream on top.
5) Drink.

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