Thursday, January 5, 2017

Creating Window Drama!

Whether it be a grand or cozy room, creating window drama is fun!! We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, VA have some wonderful, inexpensive ideas to dress your windows in style! Pictured here is a petite guest bedroom. The curtain rods are made of stair pickets. (Two joined to make one rod.)  Window shades are constructed using vintage-inspired tin from American Tin Ceilings and wood molding from Home Depot. A few 45 degree cuts, wood glue, picture frame metal brackets and presto!!! (To ensure a perfect fit, the back bottom of these frames is routed-out to accommodate window slides.) Covering half the window and adding a single panel curtain allows for both privacy and lovely light. Oh-so dreamy!!

Material Costs:
Reclaimed stair pickets $19 each for a total of $76
Tin panel 24" x 24" $11 each (add your own paint finish) $22
Wood molding $2.89 a foot, 20' for this project = $60
Picture frame brackets $2.29 for 20 pieces (8 per frame)
Help from a husband, friend or neighbor... priceless!!

Note: The curtain panel is from Bella Notte Linens, Linen Whisper Embellished

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