Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Stay Vacation in Washington DC

I had a great "staycation" on the 4th of July! We took our family to see the fireworks in Washington DC. We were right at the Washington Monument! We spent the night at a great hotel...we used hotel points and stayed for free! We even had a big buffet breakfast included! I purchased souveniers for the kids before we left.... some red, white and blue glow in the dark necklaces and american flag lights on clearance at CVS(total cost$5) before we left, and gave them to the kids when we got there. The next day we went and checked out the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History (Free) and then came home. It was a short trip...only 45 minutes away...and we had alot of fun! Total cost $15 (Gas and souveniers). Wow!


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