Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Every year my home hosts our annual Pumpkin Carving Party. It is such a fun family event! I will be sharing with you some of our decorating and party ideas! 1st we sent out invitations...if everyone comes this year there will be 100 people 40 of them children. We ask each family to bring a dish and a pumpkin to carve. The party is always the Saturday before Halloween and is held outdoors. We show a movie under the stars at 7:30 (This year we have chosen Hocus Pocus) and hold a flashlight treasure hunt right before movie time. The flashlight treasure hunt is a favorite amongst the kids. Each family brings a goodie package (40 of the same item) and we wrap them in foil so that they shine when a flashlight hits them. Goodie packages consist of inexpensive items i.e. spiderrings, lollipops, ect. Today our family spent the warm sunny afternoon decorating the front of our home. I will keep you posted as we complete our party preparations! This is a great theme party for families, neighbors and friends!

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