Thursday, February 5, 2009

Creating a Gracious Dining Room

Does your dining room lack pizzaz? Is it basically the place that collects the mail? Do you never use it? Well.....start using it! Even on a small budget you can use some of the ideas in this picture to create a place that you will want to use all the time. More and more people are "staying in" trying to conserve those precious dollars. Create cozy, elegant settings for you and your family to come home to!

Do you have a table that's top isn't the best? Use a wonderful tablecloth! Don't have a wonderful table cloth? Ask a relative if they have any tablecloths that they don't use....ask your grandmother and invite her and a couple of friends over for tea in your new room!

Paint the walls a warm neutral color. Painting is one of the easiest things to do! Just try it! Invite some friends over for a painting party! You can even pickup some wonderful "mistake" colors at the paint store or home depot....some for as little as a dollar a gallon! I had a friend mix three gallons of neutral mistake gallons together so that she would have enough to do her large room. It is gorgeous and only cost her $15! She borrowed drop cloths and other materials from friends.

Repurpose furniture! Use wing back chairs at the head of the table.

Have an ugly brass chandelier? Spray it black or white and add some inexpensive shades.

Don't be afraid.....just start!


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