Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends don't let friends pass up great finds!

Do you have a "fear of decorating"?
Do you pick up, and put down, and pick up, and put down accessories at the store, measure a piece of furniture, know it is perfect, but afraid to commit because, while it looks so pretty there, it might not work in your house?

Have you ever driven all the way back to the store because when you got home, you realized that thing might just work after all?

Did you pray the whole car ride back to the store that it would still be there when you arrived?

Have you ever driven all the way back to the store, the NEXT DAY, and it was gone and you're still thinking about that thing to this day?

Even Anne and I have done this with our own homes! We've only done it a few times though and have vowed to never let each other do this again. Anne had to hear about a set of sherbet glasses for 6 years (OK! 10 years).....and I had to hear about an amazing oil painting Anne let slip through her hands over and over again! Nancy

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